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Hastelloy Alloys

There are many brands of Hastelloy alloys, such as: Hastelloy X(UNS N06002),Hastelloy C-276 (UNS N10276), Hastelloy C-22 (UNS N06022), Hastelloy B-3 (UNS N10675),Hastelloy X (UNS N06002),Hastelloy G-30 (UNS N06030) etc.
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Product Description


Note that the specifications listed are common for this alloy but are for reference only and may be specific to a certain form. The specifications listed are not comprehensive nor indicative of any edition, revision, or similar such as an amendment. Please, reach out to our sales department to request the Material Test Report (MTR) or to confirm your required specifications.




ASTM B574, ASTM B564


ASTM B575, ASTM B906,


ASTM B619, ASTM B622,ASTM B626

Chemical Composition
Chemical Composition
% Ni Mo Cr Fe W Co C Mn Si V P S
Hastelloy C MIN Margin 15 14.5 4 3
MAX 17 16.5 7 4.5 2.5
Hastelloy B MIN Margin 26 4.0
MAX 17 7 16.5 4.5 2.5
Hastelloy C276 MIN Margin 15 14.5 4 3
MAX 17 16.5 7 4.5 2.5

Mechanical Properties

The table below shows Special Metals' Typical Room-Temperature Tensile Properties of Annealed Material alloy C-276 Bars, Sheet, & Plate. For most common forms and exceptions, check out the datasheet linked underneath the table.


UTS ksi (MPa)
YS ksi (MPa)
Elong., %
Rockwell Hardness


107.4 (741) 50.3 (347)
67 89B


115.5 (796)
54.6 (376)
60 86B


110.0 (758)
52.6 (363)
62 88B


Hastelloy are widely used in various industries where resistance to aggressive chemical environments is required.

Hastelloy  are available in different grades, each with its own specific chemical composition and properties. Some common grades of Hastelloy plates include:

  1. Hastelloy C276: This grade contains a high percentage of nickel (around 57%) along with significant amounts of chromium (up to 16%), molybdenum (up to 17%), and small amounts of tungsten and iron. Hastelloy C276 plates offer excellent resistance to corrosion in a wide range of aggressive media, including sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and chloride solutions.

  2. Hastelloy C22: Hastelloy C22 plates possess a similar nickel content as Hastelloy C276, but with higher chromium (20-22%) and lower molybdenum (12.5-14.5%) levels. This composition provides superior resistance to oxidizing and non-oxidizing corrosive environments, such as wet chlorine gas, nitric acid, and acetic acid.

  3. Hastelloy B-3: Hastelloy B-3 plates are primarily composed of nickel (65-70%), molybdenum (26-30%), and a small amount of iron. This grade offers excellent resistance to hydrochloric acid at all concentrations and temperatures, making it suitable for chemical processing applications.

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