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Electrogalvanized steel sheet

Electrogalvanized steel plate is a steel plate covered with a layer of zinc by electroplating process. This steel plate has excellent corrosion resistance, weldability and formability, so it has been widely used in many fields.

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Product Description

Substrate: The galvanized substrate is obtained by pickling and annealing the hot rolled coil of corresponding specifications into cold rolled coil.

Cleaning: alkaline washing and pickling are carried out on the surface before electroplating to make the strip surface clean.

Electroplating: electrogalvanizing or zinc-nickel alloy on a washed strip surface, single side or differential thickness.

Surface treatment: According to different uses, after electroplating, phosphating, passivation, oiling and fingerprint resistant, self-lubricating fingerprint resistant treatment.

■ Electrogalvanizing product specifications and post-treatment:

Variety: Electrogalvanized steel surface treatment can be roughly divided into oiling, chemical passivation, phosphating, fingerprint resistance, self-lubricating fingerprint resistance treatment.

The electroplated zinc substrate is cold rolled and annealed with hot rolled coil of corresponding specifications. The mechanical properties are the same as those of the substrate except for the coating.

Chemical passivation: no chromium passivation treatment, the purpose is to improve corrosion resistance.

Phosphating: In order to improve the painting performance, the surface of galvanized phosphating and chromium-free sealing treatment.

Fingerprint resistant plate: For the electronics industry, the internal parts of household appliances, to be repeatedly touched by hand during processing, in order to prevent fingerprint sweat on the steel plate, fingerprint resistant coating on the surface of the steel plate.

Self-lubricating fingerprint plate: For micromotors and motor shell parts, self-lubricating coating is performed on the surface of the steel plate in order to protect the surface of the steel plate and reduce damage during processing.

Brand comparison:

Mild steel

Standard number Q/BQB 430-2003 EN 10152-1993 EN 10271-1998 JIS G3313-1998(Z) JFS A3041-1998(ZN) JFS A3021-1998(Z) GB/T 17675-1995 ASTM A591-98(placode)
brand BLCE+Z
DC01+ZE - SECC - JEC 270C DX1 CS
BLCE+ZN - DC01+ZN - JNC 270C - -
DC03+ZE - SECD - JEC 270D DX2 DS
DC03+ZN - JNC 270D -
BUSDE+ZN - DC04+ZN - JNC 270E - -
DC05+ZE - - - JEC 270F - EDDS
BUFDE+ZN - DC05+ZN - JNC 270F - -
BSUFDE+Z - DC06+ZN - - JEC 270G - -
BSUFDE+ZN - DC06+ZN - JNC 270G - - -

■ High-strength steel

Standard number Q/BQB 430-2003 JFS A3021-1998(Z) JFS A3041-1998(ZN) prEN10268-2002(placode)
brand B170P1E+Z JEC 370P - -
B170P1E+ZN - JNC 370P -
B210P1E+Z JEC 390P - -
B210P1E+ZN - JNC 390P -
B250P1E+Z JEC 440P - -
B250P1E+ZN - JNC 440P -
B180P2E+Z - - H180P
B180P2E+ZN - -
B220P2E+Z - - H220P
B220P2E+ZN - -
B140H1E+Z - - -
B140H1E+ZN - JNC 270H -
B180H1E+Z - - -
B180H1E+ZN - JNC 340H -
B180H2E+Z - - H180B
B180H2E+ZN - JNC 340H
B340/590DPE+Z - - -
B340/590DPE+ZN - - -
B400/780DPE+Z - - -
B400/780DPE+ZN - - -
B340LAE+Z - - H340LA
B340LAE+ZN - -
B410LAE+Z JEC 590R - H420LA
B410LAE+ZN - JNC 590R

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