They are structural materials and functional materials

Source:HaoXuan    Time:06 March 2023

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They are structural materials and functional materials: traditional materials and new materials. Structural materials are based on mechanical properties and materials used to manufacture stressed components. Of course, structural materials also have certain requirements for physical or chemical properties, such as gloss, thermal conductivity, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc.

Functional materials are a kind of materials formed by utilizing the unique physical, chemical properties or biological functions of substances. A material is often both a structural material and a functional material, such as iron, copper, aluminum, etc.

Traditional materials refer to those materials that are mature and have been mass produced and widely used in industry, such as steel, cement, plastics, etc. This kind of material is also called basic material because of its large quantity, high output value, extensive coverage and the foundation of many pillar industries. New materials (advanced materials) refer to those materials that are developing and have excellent performance and application prospects. There is no obvious boundary between new materials and traditional materials.

Traditional materials become new materials by adopting new technologies, improving technical content, improving performance and greatly increasing added value; New materials become traditional materials after long-term production and application.

Traditional materials are the basis for the development of new materials and high technology, and new materials can often promote the further development of traditional materials.

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