Signed strategic cooperation with Laigang for DH36 Marine section steel

Source:    Time:06 May 2024

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    Shandong Haoxuan Steel Co., Ltd. has proudly announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Laiwu Iron and Steel Group (Laigang) for the supply of 1,200 tons of DH36 marine steel, destined for a prestigious Japanese client.  This landmark partnership represents a significant step forward in strengthening our capabilities in the shipbuilding industry.


    DH36 steel, known for its exceptional strength and durability, is a crucial component in the construction of high-performance ships and marine vessels.  Shandong Haoxuan Steel, with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, has chosen to partner with Laigang, a renowned producer of high-grade steel products, to ensure the delivery of superior-quality DH36 steel to our Japanese client.


    The agreement outlines a comprehensive supply chain management plan, ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of the steel to meet the needs of our Japanese partner.  Both Shandong Haoxuan Steel and Laigang are committed to maintaining strict quality control measures throughout the production and supply process, ensuring that the final product meets the stringent standards demanded by the shipbuilding industry.


    This strategic partnership not only solidifies our position in the global shipbuilding supply chain but also demonstrates our dedication to providing our customers with the best possible products and services.  We look forward to a long and successful collaboration with Laigang, as we continue to explore new opportunities in the marine steel industry and contribute to the growth and progress of the global shipping industry.