Shandong Haoxuan met with Turkish customers

Source:    Time:14 May 2024

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On May 11th, our company was graced with a visit from esteemed clients of Osmanlı Otomotiv, a prominent Turkish automotive company. The occasion marked a significant milestone in our business relations as they expressed a keen interest in our seamless cold-rolled steel products.

The visitors traveled a great distance to engage in direct discussions with our team and conduct thorough inspections of our product samples. Their dedication to quality assurance and commitment to finding reliable suppliers was evident in their thoroughness and attention to detail.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome and introductions, followed by a detailed presentation outlining the technical specifications and unique advantages of our seamless cold-rolled steel. Our experts were on hand to provide clarifications and address any concerns the Turkish delegates had.

The visitors were particularly impressed with the consistency and precision of our products, which they deemed crucial for their automotive applications. They also acknowledged the importance of maintaining a strong supply chain and the role our company could play in ensuring the stability of their operations.

The meeting culminated in a productive discussion where both parties explored potential areas of collaboration. The Turkish clients expressed their intention to establish a long-term partnership with our company, based on the mutual trust and confidence built during this visit.

In conclusion, the visit from Osmanlı Otomotiv's clients has laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between our two companies. We are confident that our seamless cold-rolled steel products will meet their high standards and contribute to the success of their automotive projects.