The concept of engineering should not only look at a certain link

Source:HaoXuan    Time:06 March 2023

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The concept of engineering should not only look at a certain link in the production or use process. The evaluation of the environmental compatibility of materials depends on the investigated interval or the set boundary. At home and abroad, a variety of new building materials called ecological building materials are emerging, such as "ecological cement" produced from waste or urban garbage. However, without the viewpoint of system engineering, the design and production of building materials may reflect "green" in one aspect and "black" in other aspects, which is inevitably biased and even misleading in the evaluation.

The traditional method is to brush lime water or wall powder, but it is easy to pollute and cannot be scrubbed by wet method. It is mostly used for general buildings.

More advanced buildings use flat and ready mixed paint, which is rich in color and is not easy to pollute, but the volatile organic solvent added is large, which pollutes the atmosphere and affects the health of construction workers. With the development of science, organic synthetic resin raw materials are widely used in paint, which makes the appearance of paint products fundamentally change, so it is called paint, and becomes a kind of important interior and exterior wall decoration materials. Paper-painted interior walls and ceilings have a long history, but have been replaced by plastic wallpaper and glass fiber wallpaper.

Gypsum board has the characteristics of fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength and convenient construction, and is mainly used for walls and flat roofs; When making a flat roof, holes with various patterns can be made to improve sound absorption and decoration effect.

Calcium plastic board has good decorative effect, can heat and sound insulation, and is a multi-functional board. Marble and granite plates are also increasingly used to decorate high-end hotels and apartments.