The scientific and authoritative definition

Source:HaoXuan    Time:06 March 2023

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The scientific and authoritative definition of ecological building materials is still in the research and determination stage. The concept of ecological building materials comes from ecological environmental materials.

The definition of ecological environmental materials is still under study. Its main characteristics are firstly to save resources and energy; The second is to reduce environmental pollution and avoid the greenhouse effect and the destruction of the ozone layer; Third, it is easy to recycle and recycle. As an important branch of ecological environmental materials, according to its meaning, ecological building materials should be designed and produced in harmony with the ecological environment in the process of material production, use, waste and recycling, to meet the requirements of minimum resource and energy consumption, minimum or no environmental pollution, optimal use performance, and maximum recycling rate.

Obviously, such environmental coordination is a relative and developing concept.

The main conceptual difference between ecological building materials and other new building materials is that ecological building materials are a system.