Haoxuan appeared at cippe2024 International Petroleum Exhibition

Source:HaoXuan    Time:03 April 2024

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    From March 25 to 27, the cippe2024 International Petroleum Exhibition was held in Beijing.

    China International Petroleum Exhibition is a gathering of advanced technologies and products of the global petroleum equipment manufacturing industry, providing an excellent platform for exhibitors to show their strength, exchange and learn. The participating team of Shandong Haoxuan Shidi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has gained a lot in this exhibition, not only seeing many cutting-edge technologies, but also expanding the business cooperation network.

    During the exhibition, the team of Shandong Haoxuan Shdi Steel Co., Ltd. deeply understood the development trend of domestic and foreign petroleum equipment manufacturing industry, and through exchanges with industry colleagues, they had a clearer understanding of market demand and competition pattern. At the same time, they also displayed the company's high-quality steel products, which attracted the attention of many customers.

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition team also met some foreign friends, these friends from different countries and regions, there is a strong demand for steel products. Through in-depth exchanges with them, Shandong Haoxuan Shidi Steel Co., Ltd. not only obtained valuable contact information, but also laid a solid foundation for future international cooperation.

    This exhibition experience is undoubtedly a valuable wealth for Shandong Haoxuan Shidi Steel Co., LTD. They not only enhance the brand image, but also expand the scope of business and inject new vitality into the long-term development of the company. In the future, they will continue to pay attention to industry trends, strengthen technological innovation and product research and development, meet customer needs with better products and services, and promote the company's continuous development.