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    Pipe pre-manufacturing refers to the preparation and processing of the pipe in advance according to the design requirements in the process of manufacturing the pipe, so that the pipe that meets the requirements can be provided quickly and accurately when needed.

    The process of pipe premanufacturing consists of the following steps:

    Design and preparation: According to the actual application requirements, design the shape, size, material and other parameters of the pipe, and prepare the corresponding manufacturing equipment and tools.

    Cutting and grinding: The raw material is cut and polished to the required length and surface roughness.

    Bending and forming:Using professional bending and forming equipment, the pipe is bent and formed according to the design requirements.

    Welding and joining: If necessary, the pipe is welded or joined with other components or pipe segments to form a complete piping system.

    Quality inspection: Quality inspection of pre-manufactured pipes, including size inspection, appearance inspection, pressure testing, etc., to ensure that they meet the design requirements and quality standards.

    Storage and maintenance: The pre-manufactured pipes are properly stored and maintained to ensure that they can be kept in good condition during use.

    Pipe premanufacturing can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and reduce production time, while also improving product quality and consistency. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, construction and other industries, providing convenience for the design and construction of fluid transport system.

    Processed products: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex steel,Titanium alloy, Copper alloy, Elbow, Tee, Turned-over edge, Flange.

    Processing method: 

    Bent tubing, Drill hole, mitre bend, The flange joint, Branch pipe fittings.  
    Welded joint, Flanged joint, Expanded joint, Screwed joint, Pipe joint, Plastan joint, Special joint.                                                 
    Processing preheating,Heat treatment.                                        
    Pipe cleaning,Pickling & Passivation,Preservative treatment.           
    Cutting, Bending, Port handling (chamfering, thread, pressure tank). 
    Pipe inspection: visual check, magnetic particle inspection,liquid  penetrant examination, of production and labultrasonic inspection,hydraulic pneumatic leak test.                  
    Assembling and installation.                                                       

Spiral welded pipe production process flow chart